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Meet our TAKs – a team of software engineers, creative designers and specialists who are experts in what they do. We pride ourselves on a culture of collaboration and creativity, ensuring every project benefits from our collective expertise and passion for technology.

Meet the Leadership Team

Shaheryar Tariq Khan

CEO & Co-Founder

Shaheryar Tariq Khan, Co-Founder and CEO of TAK Devs, leads a dynamic team in delivering top-tier software solutions. With expertise in programming, project management and leadership, he transforms innovative ideas into scalable solutions

Mr. Shaheryar is passionate about leveraging technology for real-world challenges and business growth.

Salman Tariq Khan

CTO & Co-Founder

Salman Tariq Khan, Co-Founder and CTO of TAK Devs, spearheads the development and delivery of innovative software solutions across various industries. He oversees the technical vision, architecture and strategy while managing a team of skilled engineers.

Mr. Salman is dedicated to creating value for clients and users through technology.

Shakeel Afzal Khan

Head of HR & Admin

With extensive experience in the Pharma industry, he is serving at TAK Devs as the Head of HR and Administration. He brings a proven track record in leadership, team development and business growth.

Mr. Shakeel focuses on people development through training, coaching and counselling.

Meet our TAKs

Shahmir Jamal

Senior Software Engineer

Hafiz Tayyab Amin

Senior Software Engineer

Shahid Ali

SQA Lead Engineer

Umair Maqsood

Full Stack Developer

Muhammad Tahir Khan

Full Stack Developer

Zeeshan Sarfraz

Full Stack Developer

Muhammad Komail

Full Stack Developer

Gul Faraz

Full Stack Developer

Abdul Abad

Full Stack Developer

M. Asher Rizwan

Business Analyst

Abdul Hadi

Full Stack Developer

Hashan Alam

Full Stack Developer

Umair Abdullah

UI/UX Design Lead

Kamran Sohail

Full Stack Developer

Luqman Hakeem

Full Stack Developer

M. Emaz Nadeem

Account & Finance Officer

Waqar Aziz

Office Assistant

Nafees Ahmed

Office Assistant

The Brains Behind Innovative Development

At TAK Devs, we believe in the power of teamwork and inclusivity. We foster a supportive environment where every team member plays a crucial role in our success. From brainstorming sessions to deployment, our agile approach and clear communication channels enable us to deliver exceptional results.

Join us in redefining possibilities in software development and making a lasting impact in the tech industry.

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